Service Projects

Phoenix Awards- Annual Inspiration from Area Students

The Phoenix Award was established by the Rotary Club of Zanesville in 1999 to honor young people who persevere in spite of enormous difficulties.  They show what can be done when you set goals, struggle, and overcome obstacles.  The Phoenix recipients are both models for and inspiration for members of the community, both young and old. Having started as a gift of $100, for several years now the Rotary Club has given $1,000 to each of the Phoenix Award recipients.  Now the Phoenix award money goes directly to the post secondary institutions of higher education which the Phoenix Award recipients attend. When kids are encouraged and shown there are wonderful role models in their midst, they learn to take pride in doing things better.  We get better citizens and better communities, not to mention more people who support the economic system rather than the system having to take care of them.

December 17,2013: Rotary Club Christmas Party for Zanesville Special Needs Students at Adornetto’s
In keeping with the Rotary Club theme –“Engage Rotary – Change Lives” this year we decided to really make this Children’s Christmas Party a “hands on” project. We encouraged members to meet for one of two shopping events at Kmart on Maple Ave and do the shopping for each of the 69 children that will be attending the party. Jeff Dittmar, Paul McClelland, Heather Dolen and Mollie Crooks and families joined our committee members Mike Snode, Jeanette Moll, Jennifer Agin and families in shopping for the children to truly make this project ours. Each child makes a “wish list” and I am happy to say that I believe every “wish” was met and we were able to stay pretty close to budget. It was great to let our children see some of what we do as Rotarians and also to take a list of a child and work within a budget to make their wishes happen.

December 21, 2013: Zanesville Rotary Spreads Holiday Cheer at Good Samaritan Hospital

The Zanesville Rotary Club distributed 120 gift bags to patients of Good Samaritan Hospital last Saturday. The Second Annual “Spreading Holiday Cheer” was well received by patients and care givers alike. In addition to the nine Rotarians distributing gifts, 13 Rotarians and family members treated the hospital floors to Christmas Carols as the gifts were distributed. Economy Linen and Scott Peterson of General graphics contributed the bags and the gifts and Big Brothers and Big Sisters provided hand- made Christmas cards for the occasion. Pictured are: Tuff Zemba, Taylor Zemba, Aleigha Moll, Jeff Ditmar, Jeanette Moll, Stacy Clapper, Kelly Saliba, Everett Jackson, Aaron Moll, Sharon Parker, John Parker, Paula Zemba, Richard Wood, Patty Moore, Mollie Crooks, Marion Gilleland, Pam James, Paul McClelland, Jim Buchbinder.



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