Military Effort Aided

Service projects aided military efforts in World War I. Rotary sponsored a recreation center for draftees at the fairgrounds. Officer candidates were guests at meetings. Members planted war gardens. They sold Liberty Bonds totaling $165,700 in two days.

The meeting place for weekly luncheons was changed in May 1918, from the Elks’ Building to the Masonic Temple where the programs were held for ten years.

While locations have changed, Zanesville Rotary has maintained weekly Tuesday luncheon meetings almost from the beginning. After World War I, Zanesville had one last chance to see Zane Grey. In 1921, the famous man who had left his birthplace as a boy returned the invitation of Zanesville’s Rotary Club. A worldwide wanderer was coming home. Nearly everyone in town turned out for Zane Grey Homecoming Week.

Grey spoke at a vast banquet in the Masonic Temple and attended a Rotary luncheon. At the noon meeting on March 29, 1921, L.H. Gibson moved that Zane Grey be made an honorary member. Clyde Reasoner led the members in singing, “What’s the Matter with Zane Grey, He’s All Right.”

At an evening banquet for Zane Grey, “Aunt Mary” Townsend eulogized Zanesville’s most popular native. Grey responded in a few words. He was polite and enthusiastic. Did he still hold a grudge about the way Zanesvillians treated him when he was “The Terror of the Terrace” in his boyhood?

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