Founding Officers and Members

Club officers were A.L. Rea, President; Dr. H.R. Geyer, Vice-president; Caldwell H. Brown, Secretary; and W.E. Deacon, Sergeant At Arms. Directors were Perry Gath, A.R. Dilley, A.S. Herzer, A.L. Rea and Caldwell Brown.

The following were founding members: T.A. McIntire, McIntire Coal Company; Perry Gath, Wedge Garage; Caldwell H. Brown, American Savings and Trust Company; A.R. Dilley, Walker Shoe Company; A.L. Rea, Eclipse Laundry; R.S. Van Devere; Mader Undertaking Company; A.S. Herzer, Herron & Herzer Drugs; Dr. J.G. Peterson, dentist; W.E. Deacon, Deacon’s Stores; W.N. Williams, Williams Wallpaper Company; A.C. Senhauser, Men’s Clothing Store; Dr H.R. Geyer, Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat.

Newell E. Loomis, father of the late nationally known artist, Andrew Loomis, was the speaker at Zanesville’s first formal Rotary Club program, held at the Zane Club (later the University Club) on February 16, 1915.

He spoke on “Business Efficiency.” Several others spoke briefly and several new members were accepted. About 25 percent were present.

Further news stories during the next several months announced the steady addition of new members, often as many as 10 and, on one occasion, 20.

The plan of club visitations to the business places of members was inaugurated early. The first such activity was on March 3 when the club “visited the store of W.E. ‘Billy’ Deacon.”

Many of the addresses of the early meetings were by members speaking on the history and merits of their individual business firms. A tone of boastfulness was evident in the early speeches and was then considered the prerogative of every member.

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