Crippled Children Project

In December 1920, Rotary began the sponsorship of the crippled children’s project. Seven years later, in February 1927, the club organized the Sunshine School for these children. The school was conducted in the Sheridan Building until 1938 when it was moved to the Wilson Building.

Rotary also sponsored an annual Christmas party for Sunshine School children and teachers. This tradition continues even to this day with the special Christmas party and gift giving with area handicapped children. After assembling at the Masonic Temple for lunch for ten years, Zanesville Rotary moved to YWCA for luncheon meetings in May 1928.

During the Depression of the 1930?s, Rotary programs reflected the efforts to improve the economy. In 1934, Jack Cutler became a member. He was supervisor of the Salt Creek Project and Cutler Lake was named in his honor. Charles Leasure spoke on Social Security. A quartet from Camp Muskingum CCC entertained the members.

Zanesville Rotary’s first International officer was Fred H. Johnson, who was named District Governor of the 22nd District for the years 1932-33.

In 1941, Orville B. Littick was elected District Governor of Rotary in southern Ohio. At the same time, he was President of the Ohio Society for Crippled Children.

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